Online Deposit

Instructions for on-line deposits to IPC Securities Accounts

  1. First you must add a new Payee to your online banking account through their search payee function.
          1. Search NBIN (they are the Payee )
  1. You will need the IPC Securities account numbers for the account(s) you wish to make the deposit to.
            1. If you do not know your IPC Securities appropriate account number please phone the office and ask for your IPC Securities account number specific to that account.

(*** please note direct deposits into an RESP can not be done. All RESP deposits should be made to your cash account (account ending in “A” ) then advise us that the deposit was made.)

  1. Make the deposit / payment for the amount you wish from your account.


It generally shows up on my system the next business day and I will call you to discuss exact investment details. But it is also a good idea to shoot me a quick email so I can watch for the deposit to ensure it was executed properly.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call.